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Web check-in
Sunwing welcomes you to "Web Check-in" for your flight. Simple, fast, and convenient for passengers travelling from Toronto, Terminal 3 (YYZ), Vancouver Int'l (YVR), Montreal, (YUL), Ottawa (YOW), Winnipeg (YWG) and Quebec City (YQB) on Sunwing Airlines flights to all destinations.

Our web check-in will allow you to conveniently check in for your flight, choose your seat and subsequently print your boarding pass from the comfort of your home, office or elsewhere.

Web check-in is available between 4 hours prior to and up to 90 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time of your Sunwing Airlines flight.
To start web check-in, please read and accept the below "Terms and Conditions".
I have read and accept the "Terms and Conditions"
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who is eligible for web check-in ?

1. You hold a confirmed reservation and are in possession of your e-ticket documents for your Sunwing Airlines flight.

2. You are departing from Toronto (YYZ), Montreal (YUL), Vancouver (YVR), Ottawa (YOW), Winnipeg (YWG) or Quebec City (YQB) on a route on which Sunwing Airlines offers web check-in service.

3. You are traveling on an International, Domestic or USA Sunwing Airlines flight. On a flight to the USA you will receive only a web check-in confirmation to be exchanged at the Sunwing counter Web / Kiosk Baggage Drop position at the airport for a regular boarding pass.

Who is NOT eligible for web check-in and must check-in at a Sunwing Airlines counter?

1. Passengers born in Cuba, even if holding a valid Canadian or American passport will be exempt from web check-in. These passengers must check-in at the Sunwing check-in counter at the airport.

2. Passengers booked less than 24 hrs prior to departure.

3. If your reservation contains a special request such as:
- Wheelchair
- Medical assistance
- Unaccompanied minor assistance

For special needs, please contact

4. Not available for group bookings consisting of 10 passengers or more.

What is required before you begin your web check-in?

1. Have your valid passport, e-ticket documents with your booking number and the passports and e-ticket documents available for all persons travelling in your party.

2. The name(s) on your e-ticket document(s) must match the name(s) on the passport.

How does web check-in work?

Step 1. You must have current and valid documentation to use web check-in. Immigration Authorities in some countries require additional information.

Step 2. Enter your name and your Sunwing Airlines booking number to access your booking.

Step 3. Confirm and select the flight for check-in.

Step 4. Select your seat.

Step 5. Indicate if you will be checking in any baggage. At the airport you will be required to drop off your baggage at the Sunwing check-in counter. There will be an Agent at the "Web / Kiosk Baggage Drop" position to weigh and tag your baggage.

Step 6. Print your boarding pass. If you are unable to print your boarding pass, the Sunwing Agent at the "Web / Kiosk Baggage Drop" will be pleased to print it for you.