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Are you seeking a career in the aviation industry?

Sunwing Airlines is always on the search for smart and innovative people to join our growing team of dedicated employees.

We are seeking people who share our common values of Safety, Integrity and Quality of Service, who want to play an important role in the success of Canada's newest airline.

If you are looking to start or continue your career in aviation, and are in search for a company that values your input and experience, then Sunwing Airlines may be the place for you.

Please note that applications should be submitted via fax, or e-mail to the contacts indicated below. Only successful potential candidates will be contacted for interviews.
Posting date Job title Closing date

9/1/2015 InFlight Base Supervisor, Halifax (Seasonal) 9/30/2015


8/18/2015 InFlight Base Supervisor, (Seasonal Contract) Montreal 9/11/2015


8/18/2015 Maintenance Administrator 9/1/2015


8/13/2015 InFlight Base Supervisor, Toronto 8/28/2015


8/13/2015 InFlight Base Supervisor - (Seasonal Contract) Toronto 9/11/2015


7/27/2015 Purchaser 8/10/2015


7/17/2015 Flight Attendant - Vancouver 8/23/2015


6/26/2015 Flight Attendant - Calgary 8/23/2015


6/26/2015 Flight Attendant - Winnipeg 8/30/2015


6/26/2015 Flight Attendant - Halifax 9/6/2015


6/26/2015 Flight Attendant - Toronto 8/30/2015


6/26/2015 Flight Attendant - Quebec City 9/6/2015


4/28/2015 Pilot Manager 5/12/2015


2/24/2015 Pilots (Seasonal Contract) 2/24/2016