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30 Jan 2009 - Sunwing Airlines expands fleet

January marked another milestone in the growth of Sunwing Airlines: the airline has added another Boeing 737-800, bringing its fleet to 14 in number.

Like Sunwing’s other aircraft, it will seat 189 in Elite and Elite Plus seating, and serve the airline’s scheduled and charter routes throughout Canada, the US, the Caribbean, Mexico and Central America.

“The Boeing 737-800 is absolutely the most efficient for its range and capacity,” says Mark Williams, president of Sunwing Airlines. “It’s ideal for our needs – and the passengers love it.” It is also highly fuel-efficient, shaving approximately 4 per cent off the fuel needs of similarly-sized aircraft.

The carrier has already recruited 14 additional pilots and 35 flight attendants to accommodate the expansion. This winter, Sunwing is flying from 28 cities across Canada to 30 destinations.

"We are pleased to provide the second 737-800 leased by ACG to Sunwing Airlines,” said Richard Cherney, executive vice president of the US-headquartered Aviation Capital Group. ACG’s first 737 leased to Sunwing was delivered last year. “This new relationship has been very successful and we’re happy to provide the ability for Sunwing to expand its services to the Canadian market.”

A 15th aircraft is slated for delivery in April this year. For more information, visit