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23 Mar 2009 - Sunwing Airlines “more-frills” a key to its overwhelming success

Sunwing Airlines “more-frills” a key to its overwhelming success

As Sunwing Airlines’ Elite Plus service comes up to its six month anniversary, the verdict is in: it’s a huge success.

The Elite Plus program is an enhancement to the airline’s Elite service, which has been a cornerstone of the carrier’s success since its inception. “We believe that no other carrier offers the standard of service we feature for all passengers,” says Sunwing’s Daryl McWilliams. “Passengers tell us they love the Elite in-flight service that includes complimentary beverages and in-flight entertainment with yours-to-keep headsets, as well as food service - these days a real rarity!” On all Sunwing flights over 3 ½ hours, there’s a choice of hot meals served with red or white wine and a first-run movie; and even on shorter flights, passengers receive a generous snack - all included in the ticket price. On flights outside North America, passengers also receive a complimentary bon voyage glass of champagne.

And now the added enhancements of the optional Elite Plus service are proving so popular that those seats are usually the first to be sold on every flight. The service, comprising advance seat selection; extra-legroom seats (35 inches); priority check-in at Canadian airports; priority boarding and 30 kg baggage allowance on all flights has met with huge demand since its introduction. “We’re delighted with the customer feedback we are constantly receiving and predict it will continue to add to our passengers’ overall travel experience this summer.” says Daryl McWilliams of Sunwing. “We know that both our Elite and Elite Plus services are beyond comparison among the other leisure carriers and would like to thank agents for helping us to get the word out to consumers.”

Since its inception, Sunwing Airlines has received exceptional passenger response. In particular its in-flight service has met with the overwhelming reaction, reinforcing the fact that no other Canadian carrier offers its passengers this type of high level of in-flight service as Sunwing’s Elite. The airline’s testament to its passengers’ satisfaction are the numerous complimentary letters received daily, full of accolades for the “frills” offered on board as well as the friendly and professional delivery of these inclusions.

Upgrading to Sunwing’s Elite Plus service costs just $35 per flight on domestic and transborder routes or $40 (all other routes). It can be added to a reservation right up to day of departure.

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