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Travel Information
Special Assistance
Passengers Traveling With a Medical Condition
We, at Sunwing Airlines will do our very best to ensure that we meet our valued passengers' expectations in providing the appropriate assistance required while traveling on your Sunwing Airlines flight and as it relates to your Sunwing booking.
We do encourage you to visit and to review the Canadian Transportation Agency check list. Click here to review.
If you require wheelchair assistance at the airport and are not traveling with a mobility device or if you are traveling with a CPAP (sleep apnea machine), after making your booking, please add the information directly to your booking by logging into "My Booking" on our website, or click here.
If you Are traveling with a mobility device
Require the purchase of supplemental personal oxygen
Are traveling with a POC - personal oxygen concentrator
Require a seat belt extension
Require the purchase of an additional seat
Require carry-on or carry-off assistance to your seat on the aircraft
Are traveling with a service animal
Require the purchase of a separate transfer
Require handicap adapted or wheelchair accessible hotel accommodation
Wish to advise us of a medically related allergy
After making your booking, please add the information or request to your booking by logging into "My Booking" on our website, or click here. Special Services may contact you if required.
For our customers who are not able to complete the Special Services Request Form you may contact the Sales Centre at 1-877-SUNWING (786-9464) or Special Services Department at extension 4278 for a copy of the Special Services Request Form to be completed by the passenger. This form must be scanned by email to or faxed to the Special Services Department at 416-798-8760 at the time of booking or at least 24 hours in advance of travel.
A downloadable Special Services Request Form can be found here. Click here to download .
If required, we kindly ask that you forward a doctor's letter including the following details:
- Passenger's medical condition
- Passenger is "fit for travel by air"
- The type of assistance required i.e.: advanced seat selection, wheelchair assistance, etc...
Please be advised that the request is on a 'first come first served basis'. We ask that the letter including the pertinent details be scanned by email to or faxed to 416-798-8760 at the time of booking or at least 24 hours in advance of travel.
Medication or Medical Supplies
We require a physician's letter indicating the type of medication and supplies required to be used during your flight. (We highly recommend for passengers to carry a copy of the letter at all times while traveling, as it may be requested at the Security Check Points.)
The physician's letter must include the following details:
- The type of medication (must be labeled, securely sealed or in the original prescription bottle)
- Medical apparatus required for personal use must include the dimensions and approximate weight. (if we are unable to accommodate the equipment onboard due to size and weight, additional arrangements will be made for the proper handling of the fragile item.)
** We do not have the facilities onboard to facilitate refrigeration of medication. You may bring a cooler in place of your carry on (must not exceed 5kg and 23 x 40 x 51cm or 9 x 16 x 20 inches). Please note that dry ice is not accepted for travel.
**Medical Supplies and Equipment must be for personal use only and must meet the airline standards and regulations.
Supplemental Personal Oxygen
Onboard oxygen supply is only available for unpremeditated and emergency use only. Passengers with known requirements must purchase supplemental oxygen in advance of travel.
You may contact the Sales Centre at 1-877-SUNWING (786-9464) for a copy of the Oxygen Request Form to be completed by the attending physician. This form must be faxed to the Special Services Department at 416-798-8760 at least 1 week in advance of travel.
Cost of Service:
- $150 CDN per Flight Segment
**Applicable taxes are extra
**The payment of this service must be received at the time of request (in advance of travel).
A nasal cannula is provided by Sunwing. For passengers who require the use of a Trache or facial mask may bring their own with a plug type fitting.
Oxygen Supply for Infants and Children Not Available
Oxygen Supply while in Destination
Sunwing Airlines does not provide supplemental oxygen for use while in destination. We recommend that passengers contact their personal supplier for information and assistance.
Portable Oxygen Concentrators
Making Reservations - Keep us informed
At the time the reservations is made, Customers must inform our Reservations Sales Agent (RSA) of the intended use of the POC and the model of POC to be used.

The following twelve brands/models of Portable Oxygen Concentrators have been authorized for use on board Sunwing aircraft. The Unit must have a label affixed stating that it is approved for use onboard:

- AirSep Freestyle; AirSep Lifestyle; AirSep Focus; AirSep FreeStyle 5;
- Delphi Medical Systems RS-00400;
- DeVilbiss Healthcare’s iGo;
- Inogen One; Inogen One G2; Inogen One G3;
- Inova Labs LifeChoice; Inova Labs LifeChoice Activox;
- International Biophysics Corporation’s LifeChoice;
- Invacare XPO2; Invacare Solo2;
- Oxlife Independence Oxygen Concentrator;
- Oxus RS-00400;
- Precision Medical EasyPulse;
- Respironics EverGo; Respironics SimplyGo;
- SeQual Eclipse; SeQual SAROS

If the booking is made through a travel agency, the customer should advise Sunwing after the reservation is made by calling 1-877-SUNWING (786-9464) and speak to a Special Services Coordinator at extension 4278 to ensure that their intent to carry the POC is acknowledged.

A copy of the physician's signed statement must be provided to Sunwing Special Services a minimum of one week prior to departure.
Documentation and on board requirements:
To carry a POC on Sunwing Airlines, the following criteria must be met:

Passengers must present a signed letter, on letterhead, from their physician with an issue date of not more than one year prior to flight departure date. A copy of the physician's signed statement must be sent to the Sunwing Special Services Department one week prior to departure.

The original letter will be kept in the passenger's possession and must state whether:
- The passenger has the ability to see, hear and understand the device's cautions and warnings and respond accordingly without assistance and if not, the user is traveling with a companion who is capable of performing these functions.
- The oxygen is medically required for all phases of the flight (taxi, takeoff, cruise, landing). If not the user must travel with a companion who is capable of performing these functions on their behalf.
- The maximum flow rate corresponding to the pressure in the cabin under normal operating conditions. (Cabins are pressurized to an altitude of approximately 8,000 ft)
- A downloadable physician's statement can be found here. Click here to download. Statements may be on letter head from, Sunwing airlines, another carrier, physician's letterhead, or the oxygen supplier's letterhead.
Also required:
- The POC must be free of oil, grease or other petroleum products and is in good condition free of damage or other signs of excess wear or abuse.
- May only be used in a battery operated mode.
- The passenger is fully responsible for the POC and batteries and must carry enough battery power for 1.5 times the total travel time, per personal oxygen requirements. The Sunwing Special Services Department will assist with battery calculation once medical approval for travel has been confirmed, and will consider time in airports before and after your flight, time in the air and unexpected delays.
- Extra batteries must be individually packaged so that the terminals do not come in contact with each other or metal objects.
- Batteries are only accepted in carry-on baggage.
- When the unit is not being used it must be stored under the aircraft seat or in the over head bin.
- The passenger using the POC must always be seated at the window seat when the unit is in use. A POC may not be used when the user is seated at an exit row or bulkhead seat.
- If the passenger is using the device during taxi, take-off and landing the passenger must be seated so that the device does not restrict any passenger's access to an exit or the aisle.
- During taxi and takeoff or landing, the POC must be stowed under the seat in front of the user.
- The passenger may use the POC while moving about the cabin as long as the "Fasten Seat Belt" sign is not illuminated.
If the POC is not intended for use during the flight, an authorized for aircraft POC brand or any other model may be carried as carry on baggage. The POC must be empty and free of pressure, must meet Sunwing airlines carry on baggage requirements (9 x 16 x 20") and have the batteries removed.
A POC is considered an assistive device, it is not included in the carry-on allowance and will be carried as a courtesy (no excess fees apply).
Special Service

Passengers with Special Needs
We at Sunwing Vacations and Sunwing Airlines will do our utmost to assist our passengers who may require additional assistance while traveling. All travelers should discuss their individual needs with their travel agent and airline. This will ensure that your needs are known and identified to us, at which time, we will review with you what type of provisions are necessary to ensure your comfort and safety while in our care.

We kindly request that you contact us at the time of booking or at least 24 hours prior to travel to ensure that the necessary arrangements are made on your behalf.

Notice to passengers
- Ambulatory - A passenger who can move about unassisted in the cabin.
- Non-Ambulatory - A passenger who cannot move about in the cabin without assistance.
- Self-Reliant - A passenger who is completely independent, self-sufficient, and can take care of his or her personal physical needs in-flight; does not require any special attention other than that granted to the general public.
- Non Self-Reliant - A passenger who cannot take care of his or her personal and physical needs and is totally dependent on the assistance of another person; requires an escort who is physically able to attend to the passenger's needs.
- Escort - A person that can assist a non self-reliant passenger with his or her personal and physical needs.

Sunwing Airlines will accept for travel persons who are self-reliant.

For passengers who are dependent on the care of another person to attend to their personal or physical needs require a travel companion or attendant while traveling. The travel companion and/or attendant must be physically able and will be responsible to attend to the passenger's personal and special needs.

**Sunwing Airlines adheres to the regulations and protocol set by Transport Canada and the Canadian Transportation Agency. Every effort is made to accommodate all passengers, however due to safety considerations and regulations; there may be special circumstances where the acceptance of a passenger may be restricted.

For us to determine the type of assistance required, you may need to review your special needs at the following check points:
1) At the time of booking (Special Care Line Department)
2) Checking in for your flight (check-in counter)
3) Onboard the aircraft during your personal briefing with the Cabin Safety Crew Member(s)

If at any check point there is a concern of us not being able to adequately meet the passenger's needs while onboard, we may not be able to accept the passenger for travel. Should a passenger be denied travel, we kindly request that you contact your travel agent or the Sunwing Sales Centre at 1-877-SUNWING (786-9464) to discuss the necessary provisions required for your future travel with Sunwing Airlines. (Additional costs and penalties of a cancelled booking may be incurred.)

We will arrange for transfer assistance from a wheelchair to the seat onboard upon departure and transfer assistance from your seat to a wheelchair upon arrival. Please note that onboard wheelchairs are not available, therefore you must be able to use the onboard lavatory independently or with the assistance of your travel companion or attendant.

Our flight crew are unable to physically provide transfer to and from the onboard lavatory or assist with personal use of the onboard lavatory. While our flight crew may assist with opening the packaging of your meals and will identify what is being served, they are unable to assist with the feeding of such meals.

Traveling Outside of North America
When traveling outside of North America, the general provisions for accessibility may not be available.

Please inquire on the type of accessibility available at your property of choice. In certain destinations, hotels may not be able to accommodate wheelchair accessibility.

Service Animals may not be allowed in certain destinations and or properties, please allow us the appropriate time prior to booking for the inquiry of this provision.

For passengers who travel with battery powered mobility devices, you will need to make arrangements for a private transfer, as the bus transportation provided in your package may not be able to accommodate the size of your equipment. (An additional cost may be applicable.)

Should you also require assistance from your wheelchair to the transfer vehicle, you will need to travel with a companion or attendant capable of providing this service as the drivers of the local transfer companies are not professionally trained to provide this service.

Special Seating Arrangements and Waiving of Excess for Additional Supplies and Equipment required to be used during your flight.
A doctor's letter is highly recommended, we kindly request that you fax a copy including all pertinent details to 416-798-8760 or you may contact our Special Services Line at 416-620-4955 or 1-877-SUNWING (786-9464) ext 4278.

Please identify yourself as a person with special needs. We may need to discuss with you any relevant information that may help us make the necessary arrangements for your travels with us.

The Special Services Line will pre-assign the appropriate seating for all passengers with special needs up to 72 hours prior to departure. This service is provided free of charge for the person with a special need.

We will need a list of items required for travel along with their estimated weight. We highly recommend that the passenger travel with a doctor's letter stating their medical condition and a listing of the items required for travel.

Arrival and Departure Procedures
Upon arriving at the Sunwing Check in counter, we highly recommend that you make yourself present to the Sunwing Representative and or Supervisor on duty.

Every effort will be made to minimize any inconvenience to our passengers. However, there may be certain destinations, due to security measures and/or limited airport facilities, you may be required to check in your personal mobility device or wheelchair. Should this be required, you will be provided with a wheelchair for your personal use up to the boarding of your flight.

Every effort will be made to arrange for your personal wheelchair to be available to you upon exiting the aircraft, however there may be destinations where this is not feasible and the temporary use of the airport wheelchair may be required.

Mobility Aids, Wheelchairs and Scooters
Accepted and carried free of charge.

In order to ensure the proper handling and transport of all mobility aids/equipment, the maximum size accepted for travel cannot exceed 48 inches (width) x 31 inches (height).

Please identify at the time of booking as to what type of mobility aid or equipment you will be traveling with.

We highly recommend that you arrive 3 hours prior to your departure time to ensure that your device is properly attended to.

At the boarding gate or prior to entering the aircraft, you or your travel companion/attendant will be required to dissemble your mobility device. Please ensure that you have filled out and attached an information tag on the device or equipment.
Traveling with a Wheelchair
Sunwing can arrange wheelchair assistance for passengers at the airport up to 24 hours prior to the flight departure. If you require a wheelchair, please contact our reservations office. Please note that our staff may need to ask some questions relating to the passenger's health, mobility and if they would require assistance onboard. We would also need to know if they will be bringing the wheelchair with them as checked luggage. Our staff will ask them if it is a manually powered wheelchair or wetcell battery powered wheelchair. In both cases Sunwing would need to know the actual total weight of the wheelchair.
Note: Sunwing will not accept any wheelchairs which are powered by wet cell batteries.
Once you have arranged wheelchair assistance through Sunwing, the wheelchair will be available at Sunwing check-in desks, within the terminal, at the airport. If you require any further information regarding disabled passengers traveling then please contact our reservations office.
Please Note: Battery operated wheelchairs and scooters cannot be taken on board an aircraft and will be taken at check-in as checked baggage. These types of items cannot exceed in size 48 inches (width) x 31 inches (height).
All wheelchairs and mobility aids are carried free of charge.
Acceptance of Mobility Aids
Sunwing will accept in addition to the regular free baggage allowance, the following items as priority checked baggage without charge and which will be stowed in the Baggage Compartment of the aircraft:
- Manually operated wheelchairs and walkers
- Wheelchairs with non-spillable batteries (with terminals disconnected and taped) Maximum size accepted for transport is 48 inches (width) x 31 inches (height).
- Mobility aids such as, but not limited to manually operated wheelchairs, walkers, crutches and canes
- Walkers, Crutches and canes may be retained in the passengers custody provided they are stowed in accordance with the carrier’s safety regulation & provided they may be accommodated

Please ensure that any of these items that are checked-in at the check-in counters are properly and securely packaged to be accepted into the mechanical baggage sortation system of the airport facility. Removable components of mobility items, such as customized pillows or cushions, footrests, armrests, baskets etc. should be taken into the cabin with the passenger.
Traveling with Service Animals
Dogs trained to assist persons with disabilities.
Sunwing accepts for transportation, without charge, a properly harnessed and certified dog trained as a Service animal. It must be licensed and trained by a professional service animal institution to assist and accompany a passenger with a disability who is dependent upon such a dog. The service animal will be permitted to accompany such passenger into the cabin, but will not be permitted to occupy a seat. The service animal will be required to travel at the handler's feet and will be provided with enough floor space to lie down. Sunwing will provide seats with suitable floor space. Please advise us at the time of booking or at least 24 hours in advance of travel.
For the comfort of all passengers, the carrier staff will determine, in consultation with the person with a disability, where the person and service animal will be seated. Service animals will not be carried unless proper permits are obtained for entry into the countries of transit/final destination.
A copy of the training certificate along with updated records of vaccinations and licensing must be given to the agent at check-in at the start of the trip.
We recommend that the passenger also take a copy of the training certificate, vaccinations and licensing with them to satisfy the Authorities in the destinations as required.
Please contact Sunwing Special Services at the following email address: so that we can accommodate your needs.
Note: Sunwing does not accept any pets/animals for carriage other than service animals as mentioned above.
Children Traveling
Traveling with Infants
Newborn babies less than 7 days old will not be accepted for travel. Sunwing will accept for travel, an infant who is 8 days old and who has not completed his/her 2nd birthday.

Please note that in accordance with safety regulations, only 1 infant is permitted per bank of seats.

Canadian Aviation Regulations stipulate that "No passenger shall be responsible for more than one infant". There are no bassinets/skycots onboard our aircraft, therefore the infant must be carried in the arms of the parent/guardian. Only One infant is permitted to travel with each guardian. A guardian, other than the parents, must have reached his/her 16th birthday.

Sunwing Airlines does not permit a passenger, other than the guardian, to take responsibility for an infant.
Car Seats
If a seat has been purchased for an infant, you will be entitled to bring along a car seat (to be used as a restraint device) onboard the aircraft. The infant will have to remain in the car seat whenever the seat belt sign is illuminated. The car seat must be approved by the Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (CMVSS). The sticker CMVSS 213 or 213.1 must appear on the car seat and the car seat must be manufactured after 1981. US manufactured car seats with the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard sticker FMVSS 213 are also permitted for use as a restraint device.
Unaccompanied Minors (UM's)
Sunwing is pleased to provide Unaccompanied Minor (UM) service for children between 5 - 11 years of age inclusive, for travel on Domestic or International flights provided the flight is direct. Children 11 years of age and under must be accompanied either by a family member or an appointed person 16 years of age or older. If this requirement is not met the child must be registered as an Unaccompanied Minor (UM).

In order to offer the standard of service we are known to provide, we ask that you inform our Sales Centre at 1-877-SUNWING (786-9464) at the time of booking or at least 12 hours before departure of the flight, to arrange this service. This service cannot be arranged online or at the check-in counter at the airport.
The flight booked must be a direct flight as we will not be able to provide this service if the journey involves an onward transfer or change of aircraft.
- This Service must be requested at the time of booking or least 12 hours prior to the date of travel.
- The Unaccompanied Minor must be registered for travel with Sales Centre at 1-877-SUNWING (786-9464) in order to receive this service.
- A $50.00 fee will apply for each leg of the journey payable at the time of booking. Applicable to all Canada, United States, Caribbean, Mexico and Central America flights.
- This service is not available online or at the check-in counter at the airport.
- If traveling unaccompanied, the UM must carry their original proof of ID or required documentation for the country or destination.
- Parents or guardians escorting Minors to the airport must remain at the airport until the flight departs.
- If your child is only travelling one way as an Unaccompanied Minor please let our Reservations dept know when you request the UM service.
- Unaccompanied children younger than 5 years of age will not be accepted for travel.
What a Parent or Guardian can expect at the airport.
- Check-in is available 3 hours prior to departure. As a parent or guardian escorting the minor to the airport check-in should be no later than 2 hours prior to departure time.
- You are required to bring with you the required information that will enable us to complete the unaccompanied minor form.
- We will require your full name, address including postal code, and phone number where you can be reached at all times, include a mobile phone number if it is available.
- We will require the name, full address and telephone number and a mobile phone number if that is available, of the person meeting the Minor at the arrival airport.
- If you are unsure of who is meeting the child and you want to show two names on the Unaccompanied Minor form please include all the information same as above for the 2nd person. Please note that the UM will be released to either person on the form.
- Please advise the person(s) meeting the Minor at the arrival airport, to bring with them Identification as this is a requirement.
- Identification will be inspected and recorded by Sunwing airlines before the Minor is released.
- The Minor will only be released to the person whose name is on the form after the ID is verified and the form signed.
Requirements of the parent, Guardian:
- You will be required to read, complete and sign the "Declaration" on the Unaccompanied Minor form giving your permission for the minor to travel Unaccompanied.
- As the parent, guardian when you escort the unaccompanied minor to the airport you will be required to remain with the minor throughout the check-in process.
- After the Unaccompanied Minor is checked in, you will be requested to bring the minor back to the counter no later than 1 hour prior to departure where she/he will be met and escorted to the aircraft by the Sunwing Ground staff.
- You will be required to remain at the airport until the flight departs.
- If your child is registered as an unaccompanied minor with our Reservations dept but you have not paid the required fee* you may pay it at the check-in counter.
- The UM must be registered in advance to receive the UM service, this service is not available at the check-in counter.
* $50.00 for each leg of the journey for Canada, United States, Caribbean, Mexico and Central America flights.
Special Instructions:
- When you request the unaccompanied minor service through our Reservations dept tell us about any food allergies or any medical challenges your child may have Or any medication that the Unaccompanied Minor is taking or will be taking during the flight.
- Or tell us about it at the check-in counter when we are completing the forms. We will ensure to annotate the unaccompanied minor form.
- Do not hesitate to write any other "special instructions" you may have with regards to your unaccompanied minor.
- Please tell us if your child speaks or understands any other language other than English, we will note it on the Unaccompanied Minor form
- All medications or required remedies for allergies must be in the child's possession with a letter from a physician authorizing these medications.
- In addition to advising our reservations department you must ensure you bring this to the attention of the check-in staff, this information must also be written on the unaccompanied minor form, which will be completed at check-in.
- For Unaccompanied Minors who have any type of food allergies, we recommend that they bring their own food for personal consumption.

Please inform us at the time of booking, we will record this information on the unaccompanied minor form, a copy of which is given to the flight crew.
Peanut and Nut Allergies
We cannot guarantee a peanut or nut free environment within the airports or onboard our flights. We do our utmost for the care of our passengers as we do not supply peanut products onboard. While we advise the contracted catering companies to avoid such products, they cannot guarantee that there won't be any traces of such products from their suppliers.

If this is of concern, please let us know at the time of booking or at the airport. Passengers are highly recommended to bring their own food for personal consumption in such situations. Once onboard our in-flight Manager will make a courtesy announcement requesting the consideration of the other passengers in avoiding the consumption of such products. While we cannot guarantee the compliance of this request, we will do our best in providing the information to those onboard your flight.
Traveling while Pregnant
Sunwing will accept any woman travelling while pregnant on any Sunwing flight, if the pregnancy is uncomplicated with no previous history of premature labour. The passenger may travel up to and including her 36 weeks. The travel must be completed by the end of 36 weeks. If you are confirmed to travel on another air carrier please contact that air carrier directly for full information/restrictions.
Special Meals
Sunwing offers on-board bottle warming and baby-food warming facilities (only un-opened food in a sealed jar). Sunwing does not carry infant meals or baby milk on-board. We recommend that passengers traveling with a baby, carry their own baby food and equipment (liquids and sufficient supplies of sterilized bottles, and teats) in their cabin baggage. The Airline is not able to sterilize bottles and teats or provide sterilized water. Please note that Canadian Air Transport Security Authority regulations regarding the carriage of liquids, lotions and aerosols may apply. You are recommended to visit their website at

A minimum of 72 hours notice is required for all special meal requests. Please contact the Sales Centre with your special meal request at 1-877-SUNWING (786-9464). Please note that Sunwing Airlines will attempt to accommodate such requests however will not be held responsible if such requests cannot be fulfilled.
Food Allergies
For passengers who have any type of food allergies, we strongly recommend that you bring food for personal consumption.
Peanut, Nut, Apple, Airborne and all other Allergies
Sunwing Airlines cannot guarantee an environment that is free of peanuts, nuts, apples, airborne or any other allergens within the airports or onboard our flights. We do our utmost for the care of our passengers and we do not supply peanut products onboard. While we advise the contracted catering companies to avoid such products, they cannot guarantee that there won't be any traces of such products from their suppliers.
Sunwing Airlines, additionally, will not stop our planned service of meals and snacks to which a passenger may be allergic as this would not be fair to all of the other passengers. We cannot be responsible for passengers who may bring peanuts, nuts, apples or any other allergen products onboard your flight or for any residue that may remain on or between seat cushions or any other common-use area. It is the responsibility of any passengers who are allergic or sensitive to products that may be found or may be airborne in the cabin to carry in their personal possession any medications or required remedies and to have the proper protection. For passengers who have airborne allergies, we highly recommend that for your safety and well being, you arrange for the use of Supplemental Personal Oxygen while onboard your flights. (Please refer to the information in the section above on Supplemental Personal Oxygen).
Any passengers with food allergies are highly recommended to bring their own food for personal consumption. Once onboard please advise our in-flight crew members, as they will make a courtesy announcement requesting the consideration of your fellow passengers in avoiding the consumption of any advised allergen products. While we cannot guarantee the compliance of this request, we will do our best in providing the information to those onboard your flight.
Obese Passengers
At Sunwing airlines, we are concerned about your Safety and Comfort.

If you are a person who is unable to sit in the aircraft seat without raising the arm rest, or if you require the use of an additional seat belt(s), we would like to hear from you at the time of booking.

Please ensure you contact our Reservations department at the time of booking, as we can better assist you at that time, to ensure that your specific needs can be met. This will avoid any disappointment or problems that may arise at the check-in counter. If an extra seat is required, our Reservations Department will advise you of the additional cost associated with the extra seat for your roundtrip flight.

If an extra seat cannot be confirmed and purchased for the return flight, the passenger will be denied.

Seat belt measurements on Sunwing Airlines
Seat Belt (maximum length): 42"

Seat belt extension on Sunwing Airlines
Only one seat belt extension permitted per passenger
Seat belt extension (maximum length): 25"

Seat belt and seat belt extension on Sunwing Airlines
Combined seat belt and seat belt extension (maximum length): 67"

Seating measurements on Sunwing Airlines
Seat Width: 17' (all seats have the same width)
Seat Pitch: Sunwing Airlines offers a 29" seat pitch with option to upgrade to Elite Plus at 35" and Exit Row seats available at 39" (row 15 & 16)
Seat Belt (maximum length): 42"